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  Studies on Memory Formation in Chicks 




We are two undergraduate medical students in Medical School of Ondokuz Mayis University of Samsun-Turkey. In these pages you will find some brief description about our studies on the memory formation in domestic chicks (gallus dometicus). We are currently conducting our experiments in the Physiology department of the same faculty. Our studies are yet at the beginnig and we wish to progress when we find some time after our faculty lessons. These pages will continuously be updated whne new progress is achieved in our experiments.

As in all laboratory studies, we had some problems in our experiments due to the errors and defects which we could not estimate before we start. We then realized that we can prevent these problems only by sharing knowledge.

So, we wanted to share our experimentís details for friends who think to conduct similar studies. Our aim is both to give information about our experiments and to meet with friends or lecturers who are intersted in this subject over the Internet.. We wish that this will be a beneficial attempt for all of us...


Yasar Huseyin Onganlar
Burak Acikgoz

Gallus domesticus

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Brain Isolation








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